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Dick Der

Canadian | Born: China

Artist’s Statement

Dick Der
Dick Der

There is a continual active dialogue between the internal self and the external reality.  As a painter, I use this dialogue to make my paintings objects of contemplation, to evoke a tranquil, mystical and spiritual experience.

I work on cradled masonite or plywood on which canvas is usually stretched over the surface. There is the thrill of the alchemy that take place as various types of mixed media or collage materials are introduced to the painting and before the paint is applied.

Many of the materials are founded objects, discarded detritus from construction sites and the streets of the city, such as metal, wire, wood, machine parts, card board, etc. These materials help to structure the surface of the painting. Some of the objects are altered to change their history. A variety of subtle surfaces, textures and color are the results which invite the viewer to examine a particular detail but also encouraging an awareness of a constant change of focus within the painting. A focus that is part of the natural or man made urban decay, yet at the same time speaks of rebirth as part of the ongoing life cycle. The use of Chinese characters (calligraphy) in some of the work creates a dialogue between the elements within the paintings – not as text that should be read for a literal meaning. These Chinese characters also represent the connection between the past, present and future. The paint is both earthly and metallic in quality, a combination that expresses luminous warmth reminiscent of something ancient and archaic, a unity which evokes a sense of both the urban and the rural, at the same time leaving behind a mood of unequivocal spiritual silence and peace.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • 2016 Time Depth, Scott Gallery, Edmonton Alberta
  • 2008  Snapshots, Scott Gallery, Edmonton
  • 2005  Chinatown Tango Too, Scott Gallery, Edmonton
  • 2002  Chinatown Tango, Scott Gallery, Edmonton
  • 1999  Recent Works, Scott Gallery, Edmonton
  • 1994  In The Rough, The Works, Panini E.Vini, Edmonton
  • 1993  Studio Watch, Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton

Selected Two Person Exhibition

  • 2016 Time Depth Ed Epp. Scott Gallery, Edmonton Alberta
  • 2004  Dick Der, Francisico Pro, Caelum Gallery, New York, NY
  • 2000 Dick Der, David Noyes, Caelum Gallery, New York, NY
  • 1997  Show Case, Monserrat Gallery, New York, New York, NY
  • 1995  Free The Spirit, Dick Der and Jane Ash Poitrais, Profiles Gallery, St.Albert, Alberta

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2015 Art & Design @ 50, Fine Arts Gallery, University of Alberta, Edmonton
  • 2013 ECAS, 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Enterprise Square, Edmonton
  • 2012  Transitions, Fine Arts Gallery, University of Alberta, Edmonton
  • 2011 ECAS, 19th Annual Exhibition, Enterprise Square Gallery, Edmonton
  • 2010 ECAS 18th Annual Exhibition, Enterprise Square Gallery, Edmonton
  • 2009  Fall Exhibition Group Show, Scott Gallery. Edmonton 
               ECAS, 17th Annual Exhibition,
    Peter Robertson Gallery, Edmonton
  • 2008  Daniel Lindley presents Abstraction, Keystone Art Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
               ECAS 16th  Annual Exhibition, Common Sense Gallery, Edmonton
               Art  on the Block, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton
  • 2007  ECAS,15th  Annual Exhibition, Peter Robertson Gallery, Edmonton
  • 2006  20 Years of Canadian Painting, Scott Gallery, Edmonton
               ECAS, 14th  Annual Painting and Sculpture Exhibit, Planet Ze, Edmonton
  • 2005  ECAS, 13th Edmonton Contemporary Artists Show, Great West Saddlery Building, Edmonton
               Research,Visions, Staff Exhibition, Fine Arts Gallery,  U of A  Edmonton
  • 2004  International  Group Show 1, Caelum Gallery, New York, NY, USA
               ECAS, 12th Edmonton Contemporary Artists Show, Great West Saddlery Building , Edmonton
  • 2003  ECAS,11th Edmonton Contemporary Artists Show, Great West Saddlery Building, Edmonton
               Field of Vision, Connect Four, Stanley A. Milner Public Library Gallery, Edmonton
               Miscellaneous Connections Revisited, McMullen Gallery, Edmonton
  • 2002  10th Anniversary Exhibition, Edmonton Contemporary Artist’s Society,
               Guest Curator, Kenworth Moffett, Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton
  • 2002  Flash Point: Painting, Fine Arts Gallery University  of Alberta, Edmonton
  • 2001  Sweet16, Profiles Art Gallery, St.Albert, Alberta
               ECAS, 9th  Edmonton Contemporary Artist  Show, Arts Barn, Edmonton
               Miscellaneous Connection, McMullen Gallery, Edmonton
  • 2000  113 Degrees West in the Cross Hairs, Fine Arts Gallery, U of A ,Edmonton
               8th  Annual ECAS Exhibition, Arts Barn, Edmonton
  • 1999  Arts Barn, 7th Annual ECAS Exhibition, Edmonton
  • 1998  Arts Barn, 6th  Annual ECAS Exhibition, Edmonton
  • 1997  Singapore Art  Exposition, Singapore
               Arts Barn, 5th  Annual ECAS Exhibition, Edmonton
               Disrepresentation, Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton
               Disrepresentation Travelling Show, Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton
               Gallery Artists, Scott Gallery, Edmonton

Selected Collections

  • Singapore Eromatic Company, Singapore
  • Grant MacEwan College, Edmonton
  • The Edmonton Art Gallery,
  • The Camino Foundation
  • Norcen Resources Ltd. Calgary
  • Anglo Continental Limited, Hong Kong
  • Alberta Cultural Branch, Red Deer
  • Alberta Cultural Branch, Edmonton
  • Grand Prairie College, Grand Prairie
  • Numerous other Public and Private Collections

Selected Publications

Art & Design @ 50
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Scott Gallery, 10411-124 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T5N 3Z5
(780) 488-3619     Fax (780) 488-4826

Dick Der is currently working for the Dept. of Art and Design in the Painting Division at the University of Alberta.
Dick Der is also an exhibiting member of the Edmonton Contemporary Artists’ Society.
Dick Der has exhibited in Montreal, Singapore, Hong Kong  and New York City.